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    Once I saw the TV show, it was about the fathers and their kids having the match, they were separated by five groups and compete for the match. At first, they were competing happily, but as the game came to the end, the last group was so worried. The father inspired his kid to stick on and finish the match, while the kid was crying because he knew he must be the last. After the match, the father told his kid that winning was not the most important thing for the match, the first thing was to enjoy the game and finish it, the result was not that important. I agree with the father, the child must be endowed with the consciousness that to enjoy the game is more important than to win. Every match can only have one win, but we can enjoy every match.

    曾经我看到一个电视节目,那是关于爸爸和孩子在比赛,他们分成五个组,在进行比赛。一开始,他们比得很开心活法读后感,但是随着比赛来到结尾,最后的那组 显得很着急。爸爸鼓励他的孩子坚持完成比赛,然而孩子却在哭泣,因为他知道他肯定是最后一名。比赛过后,爸爸告诉孩子活法读后感,对于比赛来说,赢不是最重要的.,最 重要的是享受比赛,并且完成它,结果也不是那么的重要。我同意那位爸爸的话,孩子必须要有这样的意识活法读后感,享受比赛比赢得比赛更为重要。每个比赛只有一个赢 家故事,但是我们可以享受每场比赛。

    飘的读后感 the 比赛 活法读后感 小王子优秀读后感
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