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    dear mother,

    how are you in beijing? it has been ten days since you went to beijing. i miss you very much. i know it is dangerous to take care of sars patients, so i' m very worried about you. but i' m very- proud of you.

    don' t worry about me and my study. every morning i get up early and do morning exercises for half an hour, and then i read english for twenty minutes. after breakfast at about eight i turn on tv and get ready for lessons on it. in the afternoon, i usually do my homework. every day the teacher makes a call to me and asks me about my temperature. i think all the people around me are taking good care of me. i' m thankful.

    now the people in the country are fighting against sars together. i believe we can win the war.

    i wish you healthy! i' m expecting you to come back soon.



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